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Below is a list of artists currently exhibiting at Larks Gallery. Images shown are a sample of the artists work and are not necessarily the current works that are on display in the gallery.

Jennie Gilbert
Jennie originally trained in Swansea and then undertook a short apprenticeship in the village of La Borne in France, where she started making Reduction Fired Stoneware. In 1993, she set up her own workshop in Surrey, developing her "Domestic Range" of Tin Glazed blue and white chequered work and her distinctive "Mishima Range". Jennie moved to Project Workshops in Hampshire in 2001, exhibits extensively and has work in public and private collections throughout Britain and abroad.
Mags Gray
In a little studio near the harbour in Aberdeen Mags hand builds her pots, each year taking her inspiration from new sources. These have included sea pods, little shallow pond-like bowls and Lowry's stooping matchstick figures. Aberdeen city's beautiful granite building are the theme for 2016.
Mags also creates social and political statements pieces which reflect the narrative while retaining an aesthetically pleasing quality. Her aim is to create pieces which primarily attracts the viewer then demands consideration to be given to the subject matter.
Karen Ross
Karen is a ceramics artist in Falkland, Fife creating a wide variety of highly decorated items from the whimsical to purely functional.
Lumilla Kosmina
I design and create one-off ceramic sculptures of people, some with humourous qualities, all of which capture the observed essence of human behaviour. I like to think that my sculptures are humourous and slightly whimsical and that all of my pieces are unique both in form and personality. My inspiration comes from observing life around me; I only make figures of happy people and people enjoying themselves. I do not seek anatomical perfection, preferring instead a stylised technique that I feel retains the expression of human behaviour. Each piece is hand made using earth-stone clay, glazed and fired in an electric kiln up to four times; the firing temperature is up to 1250c.
Wood and Walker
A collaboration between ceramic artist Maralyn Reed-Wood and artist Wendy Walker, each individual piece is a little work of art in its own right.
Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth makes functional wheel thrown ware using a red clay body fired to 1100 degrees C. The work is decorated in overlapping layers of glaze, patterns are applied with hot wax or scratched through the glaze surface to reveal the red body.
Island Porcelain
Stylish porcelain birds made on the Isle of Arran.
Rob Sutherland
Rob Sutherland is a ceramic artist from Selkirk in The Borders. The pots are hand coiled and allowed to partially dry before cutting out the distinctive forest patterns and glazing.
Jo Cook
Karen Fawcett
Hands on Ceramics was formed in the year 2000 by Karen Witty and Colin Fawcett whilst studying at Sunderland University. Karen studying Glass, Architectural Glass and ceramics, whilst Colin was studying Fine Art. A mutual unique partnership developed culminating in the creation of unique bird and animal sculptures for everyone to enjoy and own at very reasonable prices.
Christine Cummings
I began making animals whilst studying ceramics at Lancashire Polytechnic, which to begin with was purely pig studies, spending a lot of time at agricultural shows in the rare breeds tent. Many Years later I'm still making pigs along with a whole host of other animals, source material is never far away - a cow in a field, a scratching chicken or a dog racing down the street.Sketching from life is a very big part of my work making me study the subject at great length. The pieces are all hand crafted in earth stone clay being finished either by Raku or smoke firing.
Lorraine Ditchburn
The driving force behind my work is the creation of surface texture which I achieve by slip-casting porcelain in textured moulds. Porcelain is magnificently able to display delicate surfaces through its ability to highlight every nuance and minute detail. I use simple, organic forms and combine their simplicity of shape with the fineness and purity of porcelain.
Allison Weightman
Primarily working in hand-built Raku fired vessel forms, Allison lives and works on the North West Coast of Scotland.
Katherine Winfrey
The work is slip decorated earthenware, mainly domesticware but also some one-off pieces. Much of my craft has been learnt in France so I am greatly influences by French ceramics, both old and contempory, handmade and manufactured. I am also inspired by various folk arts from around the world, architectural twiddles, all forms of ceramics, old English slipware and and the natural world. The work is made with Valentines' grogged red earthenware clay and is oven and dishwasher safe. It is mainly thrown but some pieces are then altered and hand built elements applied where fitting.
Alison Ogden
Alison Ogden first started working in porcelain whilst studying at Rochdale College of Art. She continued with her ceramics education at Cardiff graduating in 1980 with an Honors Degree in 3D Design. After working as a part time lecturer for many years she has pursued a career as a designer maker for the last ten.
Julia Smith
I am a studio potter and work from my home in Ardersier, near Inverness, making distinctly handmade ceramics for everyday use.
Sjarifah Roberts
When I am out in the landscape, particularly in the wilder places I am aware of energy, a vibrancy that pervades all things. Each item has its own sense of being. Outdoors, it can seem that the forms in the land are alive. Standing stones have a presence, trees seem to be listening, and mountains have personality, sometimes like a brooding animal or sleeping peacefully, but always alive. Weather, nature and man, have left their marks. My work is about these things.
Elspeth Soper
Elspeth Soper creates distinctive and very individual pieces of practical pottery from her "very basic but homely" pottery in the woods on the Willey estate near Broseley. Elspeth, inspired by country pottery from England and Eastern Europe says "many of my designs result from when I kept chickens, ducks, geese and guinea fowl here at the pottery some ten years ago" says Elspeth, "until foxes came and steadily stole them away". With pottery featuring chickens, hares and guinea fowl and Elspeth's earthly glaze colours such as soft blues, greys, muted terracotta's, ochre's and greens, the finished pieces from Willey Furnace Pottery would sit happily in any home.
Peinn Mor Pottery
Luscious hand thrown, robust pottery from Pinmore, Girvan
Rob Whelpton
Vicky and Robb Whelpton both work out of the Krukker Ceramics. Robb produces raku fired decorative pots featuring fish, the sea and animals.
Vicky Whelpton
Vicky and Robb Whelpton both work out of the Krukker Ceramics. Vicky makes cream based earthenware that is both decorative and functional, brightly decorated with various fruit designs.
Maralyn Reed- Wood
Unique porcelain ceramic designs by Maralyn Reed-Wood. Maralyn's work is significantly influenced by the living world, especially by the adjacent coastline and Maralyn is based near Arbroath, in Angus.

Amy Buttress
Amy is a Highland based potter and part of the Carrbridge Studios. The hand built pots include crushed glass to creat a very special effect.

Loch an Eilein Pottery, Rothiemurchus, Cairngorm
Hand thrown red earthenware pots by Penny Weir. These robust pots have Penny’s signature free form blue/green glaze.

George Ormerod
George produces hand made pottery in colourful stoneware and delicate porcelain making a number of ranges of beautiful ceramic bowls, jugs, vases, teapots, figures and much more. Producing pottery for over 18 years, George Ormerod has built up a great reputation for his hand made ceramics in Newcastle.

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