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Below is a list of artists currently exhibiting at Larks Gallery. Images shown are a sample of the artists work and are not necessarily the current works that are on display in the gallery.

Rachel Ashton
Rachel was brought up in Moray and began her career as a self taught artist in 1996. She now lives near Huntly. Between 2002 and 2007 she founded and ran Northern Eye Studio & Gallery in Ceres, in Fife. Rachel works predominantly in oil and acrylic but also with experimental hand made paint and printing techniques. Her landscapes are bright and contemporary and she has already enjoyed considerable success nationally.
Jennifer Reid
Born in 1962 and brought up in Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire, she obtained a BSc in Nursing from Edinburgh University in the ‘80’s. In 1996 she moved to the small rural town of Newburgh in Fife along with her family. It was here surrounded by lush Fife fields and the ever changing Tay that she was inspired to rekindle her love of art. In 2002 she and a fellow artist Neil Brooks helped raise £6000 towards a “Maggie’s Centre” with the sale of their paintings. It was this success which helped spur her on to progress with her art. Over the years her work has developed and evolved to become more impressionistic. Using brush, palette knife and fingers and a maximum of 4 colours her work is spontaneous and vibrant and often develops a direction of its own!
Helen Bruce
Lindsay Stewart
Bruce Graham
Before taking up painting in 2010 Bruce had a busy career running Design Studio, which was for many years at the cutting edge of design and interior finishes in the Aberdeen area. Over the years Bruce developed a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of what customers and clients were looking for.
Working mostly in oils, Bruce finds much of his inspiration from the coastline seascapes in the North East of Scotland, with the cliffs and rock formations lending themselves to the use of palette knives to create layers of texture. The special quality of light of the northern skies, and the endless variety of cloud formations are also reflected in many of his works. Bruce is always keen to experiment with colours and textures, and his style is constantly evolving.
Jane Birrell MacKenzie
Jane is a Scottish artist living and working in a fishing village on the N.E coast. She studied at Gray's School of Art and The Northern College, Aberdeen, before commencing a teaching career which spans 30 + years, both at home and abroad.
Jane's Highland Cow portrait paintings are now her signature pieces and she believes her classical art education in the late 70's and her training in woven textiles and jewellery, informs and underpins the expressive, layered, textural paintings she creates today.
Using a varied mix of techniques and media, her work has been described as: “Amazingly colourful semi-abstract landscapes which are evocative and quite dream-like. The 'Coo' paintings are appealing and humorous with bright, engaging colours, tactile surfaces and richly applied paints and marks”.
In her landscapes and abstract pieces, Jane often works intuitively creating complex images which are emotional responses to places she has lived in or passed through.

Sandie Youngson
Sandie is a self taught artist living in Aberdeen and has exhibited throughout Scotland for now more than 30 years. At first a hobby, her painting has become her main professional pursuit and she exhibits in several venues across Aberdeenshire. Whilst the content of her art embraces various themes, her most popular paintings comprise seascapes and beach scenes. She works in most paint mediums; oil however, remains her preference with its versatility lending itself to her style of shading and colour usage, and her ability to capture natural light and its reflections. Sandie paints principally from her studio at home but will also use her international travel as sources of inspiration for additions to style and content – the skylines and backstreets of Manhattan, the shorelines of the Antipodes as well as the landscapes of North East and North West Scotland being evident in her themes and content.

Gio Martin
'I studied Ceramics and Design at Eastbourne College of Arts and for many years I was a ceramic artist making my figurative work. (I set up my first workshop in 1992 on a goat farm in East Sussex where I made and taught ceramics) I often made hybrid pieces, the combination of human and animal attributes, creating a metaphor for our need to belong to the natural world. I now live and work in Scotland and I draw and paint.
As a child I grew up in Botswana and would collect lizards, chameleons, crickets, tortoises etc and bring them into garden. My childhood informs my work as well as my love for the natural world that surrounds me in my Scottish home.'
Ian Bashford
Ian Bashford is a graduate of Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, where he specialised in woven textile design and graphic design. He gained an R.S.A.D. Travel Bursary to Switzerland and Italy. After a post-graduate year at Leeds University, studying industrial textile design and manufacture, he returned to Aberdeen for teacher training at Aberdeen College of Education. Ian works predominantly in watercolour and is strongly influenced by the east coast of Scotland, especially the fishing industry.
Kathleen Bremner
Kathleen spent many years teaching at Aberdeen College and retired early to concentrate on painting. Largely self-taught in watercolour, she enjoys painting the wonderful local scenery and townscapes. She regularly exhibits at galleries in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.
Jenny Hunter
In 2002 Jenny achieved a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. She is currently working as a professional artist and part time arts tutor.
Roy Benzies
Water has been a major influence on many of the images I have painted. Moving rivers and burns, harbours and the sea, reflections of trees, rocks and boats all interest me. I like exploring different places. The landscape around Deeside, particularly Finzean, is a constant stimulus for paintings as is the environment around my home in Insch. I try to capture light and weather effects, particularly snow, ideally by working outside and then using and refining paintings as necessary in my studio. I graduated from Grays School of Art in 1974 eventually becoming an Art teacher in Aberdeenshire schools from 1979-2011. Since 2011 I have been a full time artist and tutor. I use a variety of media to express myself and I enjoy the transparent and opaque qualities of materials. Etching as well as other printmaking techniques are current priorities for me.
Sandra Emslie
I was born, educated and went to college in the North East of Scotland and have lived here for most of my life. In 1965 I gained a Primary Teaching Diploma specialising in Art and taught for several years.
In 1990 I graduated as a mature student at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen with a B.A.( Hons.) degree in Fine Art. The following year I gained a Post Graduate Teaching Diploma and also attended King’s College University, Aberdeen for one year in the Fine Art History department.
I exhibit most of my work in the Exhibitions and Galleries of the North East.
Paul Bartlett SWLA
Paul is a self-taught artist with a PhD in animal behaviour. He is an elected member of the Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) and won “Artist of the Year” in 2006 and the Langford Press award in 2012 at their annual exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries. He has twice been a category winner and overall runner-up in the David Shepherd “Wildlife Artist of the Year” competition in 2009 and 2010 and winner of the ‘British Birds’ category for the “BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year” in 2009. His work has featured in numerous art publications and books.

Paul has held major solo exhibitions throughout the UK and regularly contributes to exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London. He has also exhibited in the US, France, and Poland.

Painting for a living allows Paul the time and opportunity to enjoy his passion for nature and the outdoors. His other pastimes include climbing mountains and kayaking. He lives in St Andrews with his partner and their three children.

David Hawson
David Hawson exhibits his work throughout the year in various British art galleries and at artistic events. These exhibitions are either “one man shows” or mixed exhibitions with other artists. The paintings cover many themes and focus mainly on landscapes and seascapes in Scotland, France, Italy and Spain.
"My paintings try to capture the evanescent changes of light and colour in the Scottish landscape. More recently I have been drawn to France and the Mediterranean where my painting has become looser and evolved to reflect the greater intensity of light and colour. I paint mostly in watercolour, not only because this allows me to paint 'on the move' but also because 'midges don't stick to the painting'."
Morag Stevenson
Aberdeen born Morag Stevenson studied Fine Art at Aberdeen College. Among her influences she lists the Scottish painter Ken Frewin, whose classes she attended as a young girl, and Joan Eardley. Her paintings explore texture, colour and observation. Working mainly in oils, she captures atmosphere and emotion with her passionate and energetic application of paint.

Frances Innes
Based in Peterhead, North East Scotland, Frances is primarily self taught having completed a part-time course at Aberdeen College. She exhibits with local galleries as well as the prestigious Society of Aberdeen Artists Annual Exhibition.

Gerry McGowan
Born Glasgow 1949
Glasgow School of Art 1966-70
Practising Artist 1970-99
Wasps Artist Representative and Gallery Co-ordinator 1986-95
SAC small assistance Grant 1994
Attended Venice Biennial representing WASPS (SAC Funded) 1994
Kenneth McLennan
Born in Ross-shire and studied at Edinburgh College of Art 1970 – 74. Recently retired from the teaching profession, Kenneth now paints full time and creates Scottish landscapes full of light, colour and energy
Fiona Mcleod
A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, I am essentially a craftsperson who really enjoys the actual painting process, and I suspect a design background is evident in my approach to composition, colour and surface texture. I have always loved the 'seaside', in particular the contrast of textures found around the shore....sand, grasses, rocks, natural & man-made structures....and this is the inspiration for my current work.
Colin Robertson
Colin lives 12 miles south of Edinburgh and his landscapes reflect the varying Scottish landscapes and weather conditions with spring and autumn being particularly good for his vibrant colours.
Caroline Simmill
Having completed courses at Reigate School of Art and later, courses in Creative and Commercial Art, Caroline has developed her talent and passion to become one of North Scotlands' established and sought after artists. With an affinity for all things sea related (but not limited to) Caroline specializes in producing works of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in her primary medium of oil.
Trisha Sutherland
Trisha was born and educated Aberdeen and now lives in Perthshire.
Partly representational, her oil paintings are about colour and movement. She finds replicating a scene unsatisfying, preferring instead to convey the essence of what's seen and feelings evoked, no matter the subject be it land or seascape, figurative, still life or animals.

John Todd - medium: oil
Born in Northumberland, John spent his formative years in the fishing port of Blyth. The rich countryside and the varied coastline of Northumberland (with its mining towns and small fishing villages) were his early inspiration for capturing the natural environment in paint. John arrived in Scotland in the 1950's where he eventually married and set up home. Self taught, he became a full time painter in 1986 and has since exhibited widely across the country. His most recent group exhibition was held in 2003 at the Mall Galleries, London. One of the works he exhibited received the 'Society Award' for the best painting in the exhibition.
Deborah Philips
Deborah Phillips was born in Dundee, the daughter of well known Scottish artist, Douglas Phillips. She first exhibited work at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art at the age of 14. She attended Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee and graduated with BA (honours) in 1987. Following graduation she took up the post of Merchandise Designer with the National Trust for Scotland and a similar post with Historic Scotland followed. Deborah now concentrates on painting in acrylics in her Dundee studio overlooking the Firth of Tay.

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