Julia Linstead

Julia broke her kneecap during the foundation year of her degree, diverting her from a glittering career in ceramics (due to all the potters’ wheels being kick powered not electric) and into glass by the timely and fortuitous discovery of a book on kiln forming glass. After destroying all the kilns at her foundation college by melting glass into the …

Helen Stephen

Helen is from Aberdeen and creates birds, landscapes and abstract pieces by fusing glass.

Thomas Petit

Hand blown/formed glass by Thomas Petit in Derbyshire inspired by the sea and landscape forms. Tom says his ‘Shore’ pieces are influenced by childhood outings in East Sussex, where he’d used to walk for hours over the South Downs and coastal valleys to the sea. You can clearly see how the land and seascapes have been an inspiration to him.

Pip Will

Driven by a love of colour, Pip makes glass lamp beads at her studio at Craigievar, Aberdeenshire, enabled by a Craftmakers Award from Aberdeenshire council in 2009. Glass has a depth, clarity and durability making it a beautiful and an extremely versatile medium to work with and this combined with sterling silver wire work makes each piece completely unique.

Elin Isaksson

Elin Isaksson is originally from Sweden. During her studies at Orrefors Glass School, Sweden 1998-2000, Elin discovered her passion for glass blowing. During those years she also undertook several placements in hot glass studios in Sweden and France. Elin came to Edinburgh College of Art in 2001 following a year spent assisting 3 glass blowers in Gothenburg. She completed both …

Scott Irvine

Edinburgh artist Scott is a self taught artist who produces striking abstract and architectural pieces combining wood and fused glass. Originally a carpenter, Scott developed his unique techniques after a serious illness made him unable to continue with carpentry.

Stuart Akroyd

Stuart has been making his amazing contemporary glass items since 1991 and his skill and ability just shines through. His work is very elegant, stylish and original – perfect as free standing or cabinet kept items.